Rashod Bethany AKA "Fat Man"

Gangster Disciple Leader Rashod Bethany AKA “Fat Man” Sentenced To 25 Years

Gansgter Disciple Rashod Bethany

Gansgter Disciple Rashod Bethany

The leader of the Gangster Disciples notorious “Killy Crew” will spend the next quarter century behind bars following his conviction on narcotics charges in connection with the operation of two drug dens he ran in an area of Chicago’s southside known as Trigger Town. Rashod Bethany, aka “Fat Man,” along with fellow Disciple Ricky Long, aka “Li’l Ricky,” were arrested in 2006 and later pleaded guilty. Long was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

At the sentencing hearing last week, federal prosecutors described how the 28-year-old gang leader’s Killing Crew enforced a deadly no-snitch rule to protect their criminal enterprise. The feds presented evidence and testimony detailing both defendants’ involvement in murders, attempted murders, and beatings of individuals, including other drug dealers, a witness to a drug-related shooting, and workers at their crack houses. A Chicago police detective testified that witnesses were too fearful to cooperate with investigators, preventing Bethany from ever being charged with any specific murders.

Judge Harry Leinenweber didn’t factor in the alleged murders in imposing a sentence. But he called Bethany’s crimes “very, very serious.”

One of the murders Bethany allegedly got away with was the cold-blooded shooting of his childhood chum, Robert Duffy Jr. on October 13, 2005. During the 2009 trial of the Disciple who carried out the hit, Duffy’s girlfriend Tina Mosley described how her beau’s relationship with Bethany soured. Duffy had been selling crack cocaine from his house at 12210 South Parnell Ave., where he was killed. He had known Bethany and other Gangster Disciples for a long time and often did business with them.

Mosley said she became concerned about Duffy when he failed to call her the evening of the shooting, so she called Bethany to find out if he knew anything. The following morning, on October 14, 2005, she met Bethany and Shannon Evans, the alleged shooter. Mosley said Evans was “trembling, had bloodshot eyes, and appeared nervous.”

Evans allegedly informed Mosley that Duffy had been shot after a drug deal with two members of another street gang went south. He told her that she shot one of the other gang bangers and chased the second from the house before fleeing to dispose of his pistol. When Evans returned to the crime scene, coroners were already putting the two bodies into an ambulance.

Another witness, Eischa Toney, who knew the Gangster Disciples for more than 30 years and lived near the Parnell Avenue house, testified that Li’l Ricky, Fat Man and Evans, had been drinking booze on her front porch shortly before they walked over to Duffy’s dope hole. About five to 10 minutes later, she heard gunshots and saw the the three Gangster Disciples run out of the house. Several months after the murder, Toney claims that Bethany was openly bragging about robbing and shooting Duffy. As part of her cooperation, state prosecutors paid Toney $1,745 for moving expenses and a security deposit on a new place because she no longer felt safe in her neighborhood after testifying in front of a grand jury.

Another witness, Patrick Fallie, perhaps fearing for his life, recanted earlier testimony that he had been an eyewitness to Duffy’ murder. Fallie even denied testifying before the grand jury and giving statements to the police and state prosecutors.

Chicago Police homicide detective John Otto testified that on April 12, 2006 he interviewed Fallie, who at the time claimed to have information on Duffy’s killers.  According to Otto, Fallie was parked outside a house next door to Duffy’s pad on the night of the murder; waiting to buy loose cigarettes from a neighbor. Fallie allegedly saw Duffy limp out of his house as Evans and Bethany followed him armed with handguns.

Fallie allegedly saw Duffy waving his hands in the air and was begging for his life. “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot, it ain’t worth it, don’t kill me,” Duffy allegedly said. Fallie then saw Evans shoot Duffy in the upper body and then pump three more bullets into the victim’s prone body.

Fallie told the cop and prosecutors that he did not come forward sooner because he feared for his life. He knew Evans and Bethany had a habit of returning to the scene of a shooting to watch who the police were interviewing.

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