Hitting The Street “Dynamite The Border”

Man On The Street (VIDEO): “Dynamite The Border”

In recent weeks, Serving Dope has been hitting the streets of our home base in sunny Miami, Florida, to get the straight dope from the people. On this first encounter, we ran into a man of Honduran descent at a gas station on Calle Ocho who didn’t hold back when asked about the war on drugs. He flat out denied it exists and proceeded to unleash a barrage of unbridled hate on Mexicans and their country. His visceral reaction exposes something that is getting lost in the controversial debate over immigration reform: the animosity Central Americans have toward Mexicans because of the former being subjected to kidnappings, being forced to work as drug mules, and having to pay tariffs for a chance to cross the border. It’s unfortunate this dude lets his racism toward Mexicans cloud his judgement that he can’t hold an entire nation responsible for the atrocities committed by violent criminals.

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